Ping Sweep in Command Prompt

on Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ping Sweep on Windows cmd prompt

The following is a simple For loop which executes the ping command incrementally '%i' is the counter, starts at 1 incremented by 1 stops at 255. Add -w 100 to make it wait for 100 milliseconds 

C:\> FOR /L %i in (1,1,255) do @ping -n 1 10.10.10.%i  -w 100 | find "Reply" /i

Ping sweeps can by avoided by configuring Cisco ACL. 

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Theory of Constraints and PM

on Friday, February 07, 2014
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" remember the old adage ? 

Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a method created by Dr Eli Goldratt and was published in his 1984 book "The Goal." I'll not go in detail here but just simply put, in every organization no matter how good the performance it has at least one constraint that limits it and this constraint is the organization's weakest link. This article focuses on how a project manager can be effective to navigate through these blockers and eventually conclude a project successfully.

Some of the constraints affecting an organization could be - Resource availability, Regulatory change, Lack of Skills, organization's policy to work with offshore teams, ineffective vendor management etc.

As a Project Manager the key is to manage constraints throughout it's life-cycle, the life-cycle phases would be 1. identify these constraints that directly/indirectly impact the project   2. Exploit the constraint (fix/limit the effect on the project) 3. Sub-ordinate everything else. 4. Evaluate the constraint.

Some constraints can be outside of a Project Manager's control, however PM will play a vital role in reporting these constraints through it's life cycle to the management team.

Lightweight Distros

on Monday, July 22, 2013

Review of lightweight Linux distros

Over the weekend I reviewed the following Linux lightweight distros:

Lubuntu, Manjaro, Madbox (all from the respective stable build repos)

My requirements were quite unique, wanted to setup Linux pc mainly to enable my 50inch Panasonic Viera LED TV 1080p to go Smart! needs to be quick, should have a bare minimum software pre-loaded, should be based on Ubuntu with community support, important when we look at Open-source software.

Well... finally I unleashed a mean, quick Smart TV thanks to Madbox Linux which is based on Ubuntu.

The PC is very old P4 age, with 1gb ram, NVidia video card with 128MB almost redundant with VGA output to TV's HDMI works okay.

Getting the resolution right was quite a painful experience with Manjaro or Lubuntu with the latter 13.04 version which used LXDE desktop.Though I chose the right drivers for Nvidia but still was not enjoyable it was relatively slow to load.

The problem was not the drivers it helped to output to what it thought the right resolution for a 1080p screen but my couch is quite far from the TV at least 13-14ft I just couldn't read from that distance (works well for YouTube or movies though), so my goal was to lower the resolution and for that add a specific resolution of 1280x720 to the settings.

With Manjaro I went with XFCE edition getting the screen resolution right was even more painful, Manjaro is based on Arch Linux which is a lightweight build. Tried but just could nail it to load when the system boots. Finally loaded ARandR which is great little tool by this man worked wonders.

I gave up with Manjaro when I lost sound all I did was I tried to control volume on the remote keyboard!

We all know Linux is not for the impatient.

Finally Madbox Linux, it's unbelievably quick, it's lightweight openbox desktop is the thing you need for a OldPC with TV! with ARandR the resolution is all sorted now, it's loaded with Chrome(ium) which is good but you can load Firefox.

Would recommend this distro more specifically for the ease of use and openbox, have the advantages of Ubuntu.

Five core risk areas common to all projects

on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister identified five core risk areas common to all projects in their book, Waltzing with Bears:

  • Intrinsic Schedule Flaw (estimates that are wrong and undoable from day one, often based on wishful thinking)
  • Specification Breakdown (failure to achieve stakeholder consensus on what to build)
  • Scope Creep (additional requirements that inflate the initially accepted set)
  • Personnel Loss
  • Productivity Variation (difference between assumed and actual performance)

jBoss 5.1.0 GA run error

on Thursday, January 19, 2012
ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Instantiated:
name=AttachmentStore state=Described

The fix was to add class="" to conf/bootstrap/profile.xml:



just start again using run.bat

New to android

on Friday, September 09, 2011
Finally got into android thanks to my new acer liquid metal, I have been using e71 and blackberry the traditional smartphones must appreciate the usability its amazingly friendly